How To Focus Better

12 Easy Steps To Develop Better Focus - Easily!

How To Focus Now

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Ever wanted to know how to focus better?

Just about everyone wants to focus better on important tasks, accomplish more, and tune out distractions and wasteful activity. But the problem is that not everyone knows how to improve concentration and develop better focus.

This short report shares 12 steps on improving your focus and getting things done as you stay focused on what really matters.

Step 1

If you want to know how to focus better then you have to know yourself and what matters to you. Be honest about what makes things really move in your business and your personal life. If you ever get stuck, then think of all the tasks that you dislike the most, and the ones that make you anxious just thinking about them. These are probably the most important ones to you.

Step 2

Select your top 2 tasks each day. These are things that you must complete that day - no matter what. If you manage to get these tasks done first, then it's all good. This way you will move closer to your bigger goals.

Step 3

Finish your important tasks as early as possible in the day. This way you'll have done the main things on your list, and have the rest of the day for other things.

Step 4

Don't do anything else until you have completed your 2 main tasks. You don't need your email or social networks for this. So just focus better on the tasks and get them done before you do anything else that could interrupt you.

Step 5

Multitasking is not more efficient. If you want to know how to focus better, then avoid doing 2 things at once. No more phone calls while you are surfing the Web. No reading during mealtimes, or chatting while you write or do your homework. Just focus on one thing at a time, as multi-tasking is really inefficient in the end and only ends up stressing you out.

Step 6

When you sit down to do something, give it your complete attention. Concentrate on each current task until it is finished. Trivial things can wait, so don't get distracted. It's the simplest rule about how to focus better - but the hardest to follow consistently.

Step 7

Don't check your email in the morning. I can tell you confidently that this is the most effective change I've made to improve focus. Once you start checking your emails, you could lose an hour or more... when you should be doing something else. Emails can wait until you have finished your tasks first.

Step 8

If you can, try to check your email in two batches a day, once around lunch and the next towards evening. If you don't need to email as part of your job, try not even checking your email at other times.

Step 9

Slow down and you will get more done. When you try to hurry things, they only take more time. So try to pace yourself and don't fill up everyday of your calendar with unending lists of unimportant tasks.

Step 10

Give yourself a little extra time for each task. If you need to do something in an hour, then give yourself one and a half hours to complete it. That way you will have a bit of free time, and won't be stressed or hurried. This will help you to focus better instead of worrying about meeting the deadline.

Step 11

When someone asks me how to focus better or how to focus on homework, I suggest that they reward themselves with a few breaks. You can only focus on something for around an hour. Beyond that, concentration fades. So take a five or 10 minute break every 30 to 60 minutes to clear your mind. Take a walk, get a snack, a cup of coffee or listen to some music... whatever gives you a break from your routine.

Step 12

If you get your tasks done on time, you'll enjoy a real feeling of accomplishment. You will start to enjoy life a little more. So when you get the odd day that is unproductive, it won't bother you so much. Take each day as it comes and enjoy any free moments you can.

Don't try to be constantly doing things. You'll never get to enjoy your life. Plan your work the way that you want, without getting addicted to anything, be it Facebook, Twitter, blog hopping, or texting.

If you truly want to know how to focus better then learn to enjoy the moment. Live for today and notice the small things in life that a lot of people overlook. Watch beautiful sunsets, play with your children, do something nice for your spouse.

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How To Focus Now

Click here to download "How To Focus"*

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